Dear Esteemed Customer,

Since the beginning of the COVID- 19 pandemic, global manufacturing and supply processes have been gravely affected but the global supply chain is experiencing some of its toughest times yet as the issue is now predicted to continue to worsen into the holiday season, with some projecting the cargo jam to last until next summer.

In terms of logistics, global freight rates have skyrocketed by over 460% in the last 12 months. These shipping costs have been impacted by soaring pandemic demand, particularly the convenience of online shopping, especially with increased automation, rapid delivery firms and micro-fulfilment expansion. Global purchases have increased tremendously and this has compounded pressure at both sea and airports with several weeks’ shipment traffic in the ports, with fewer ships and cargo planes, fewer workers, and fewer truckers to handle the existing freight.

As a result of this global crisis, customers are advised to shop for items needed for the holidays earlier than usual, as it has been envisaged that there will be a surge in the volume of shipments coming into Nigeria. This surge, compounded with the current global crisis will result in further delay/prolonged delivery time for both air and sea freight into Nigeria.

Be assured that our commitment to delivering unparalleled logistics and supply chain solutions at competitive prices remains unwavering

Thank you for choosing Hont Global Services. We remain your global logistics partner.

Humphrey Okonkwo
MD/CEO, Hont Global Services