Dear Esteemed Customer,

In line with international shipping best practices, we introduce to you Shipment Insurance.

Shipment Insurance is introduced to compensate you for loss or damage to your shipment. Our Cargoes can be exposed to various risks during the normal course of transit, including theft, natural disaster, improper handling, damage, or accident. These risks may result in loss or damage to your shipment at any time, at any step of its journey, from source to destination.

Effective July 1st, 2023. Customers are expected to declare the value of their shipment. Shipment value should be declared on or before an item is delivered to any of our offices in the origin countries (UK, U.S., China, Turkey, or South Africa).

To insure your shipment, kindly declare the value of your shipment by sending the purchase receipt/invoice/ commercial invoice via email to together with your instruction to insure your shipment. Insurance Cost is 1% of the declared shipment value.

Please note that shipment insurance is optional. However, when a customer is silent on insurance and fails to declare the shipment value, it will be deemed that the Customer has opted out of insurance. Consequently, the shipment value shall be deemed not more than $100, and the customer will be indemnified with a maximum compensation of $100 in the event of loss or damage. Where the shipment value is below $100, the customer will be indemnified the shipment value as stated on the original payment receipt/invoice.

Insurance cover does not apply to goods received in the damaged state at any of our origin offices. Also, it does not exempt customers from crating fragile items. Where customers fail to crate or decline the recommended protective measure(s) to protect their fragile shipment, in the event of damage, Hont Global will not be obliged to compensate affected customers. Insurance cannot be initiated for goods already in our Nigeria offices at the point of pick-up.

Please feel free to reach us via should you have questions on this new development.

Hont Global Services.